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We were ready to attack.


Beware of the gorilla.

"I like traveling." "So do I."

I've made a mistake in my calculations.

Matti doesn't really expect me to be at his party, does he?

The heavy snow stopped the train from running on time.

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Home prices are falling.

Let's be frank.

You're acting like a spoiled child.

Lievaart got up and began pacing.

What are these for?

Lord did what he needed to do.

It's not very expensive.

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I can't understand anything that foreigner says.


I have to close the windows.


I'm learning how to write.


She's upset right now.

Are they all nuts?

When I was studying to become a lawyer, my teachers told me to never ask a question that I didn't know the answer to.


The treaty was approved.


Everyone was more or less interested in the arts.


I am forbidden tobacco.

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I want to be left alone.

People who suffer from apnoea may get some relief by sleeping on one side instead of on the back or by elevating the upper body during sleep.

Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the post office?

This hotel has a magnificent view of the sea.

I was sacked yesterday.


He seldom gives his wife presents.

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Who is the author of this story?

I knew we could count on her.

I'd rather she sat next to me.


Free Palestine!


I lived three years in Paris during which time I learned French.

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Have I asked you whether you can speak Zhenjiang dialect?

This is the letter from my friend.

Martyn, what's wrong with you tonight?

Life can sometimes be difficult.

Tuan and Alice look like sisters.

I will try.

Carbon dating was performed on the sample to determine its age.

We'll get another chance.

I think Shuvra has a secret admirer.


Shu, you're eating too much. You'll get fat!

Knudsen has been telling me about it.

Studying is making me a social outcast!

Peter was Gil's boyfriend in junior high school.

That was his personal opinion.

Everyone can offend a boxer, but not everyone has time to apologize.

The people from Madrid are lunatics.

I'm sorry I couldn't do the job.

Howard's plane crashed.

If you do that to me, I will cut your throat.

It is an illusion that youth is happy, an illusion of those who have lost it; but the young know they are wretched, for they are full of the truthless ideals which have been instilled into them, and each time they come in contact with the real they are bruised and wounded.


Oskar can't even ride a bicycle.

"You can get it at the courthouse," the clerk added.

I can't precisely tell you how long that will continue.

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How much of what I've written here do you understand?

I'm too old for this world.

The numbers are favorable.

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You must be an idiot!


Walt was amusing.

Does jazz hold any appeal for you?

I really like you with a beard.

Your remarks were out of place.

We would often sit up all night discussing politics.

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Do you think that could be true?

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Rajarshi lied about it.

Alejandro sewed her own wedding dress.

I was surprised to get a call from Devon.


I am an English student.


If the problem lies within you, then no one else can help.

The method Colin suggested might've been better.

If you can't be good, be careful.

Be kind in all you say and do.

What are you two talking about?

The robber aimed his gun at the clerk.

I'll clean it up.


We missed the deadline.

Patricia is a very imaginative writer.

Marvin died a couple of years ago.


Is Walter going to go with us tomorrow?

Those wakes up when it is already quite light.

I didn't mean to interrupt you.


He is wise who neither hopes nor fears anything from the uncertain future.

They were the nightmare of the elderly.

Jeannie sneaked out the back door.

There's a man downstairs saying he would like to speak with you.

They did not have permanent homes, so they did not plant crops for food.

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You are going to lose weight at this rate.

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He claims to have passed the exam.

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My town is by the sea.

He is going to drive you to the airport.

Page knew Straka wanted to move to Boston.

She gets paid a lot.

Barrio is a self-employed plumber.

What did you need?

Please, calm down!

Do you like to see animals at the zoo?

Have you ever loved a man?

The impending examination loomed large in her mind.

My little sister doesn't like the taste of cottage cheese.

Isn't that beautiful?

Don't walk so quickly. I can't keep up.

Jeany wants you back, you know.

John, the tallest boy in our class, is nicknamed "Mr High."

Guy is feeling it.

On hearing the news, everybody became quiet.

I didn't kill them.

I think that Tim is a suitable candidate for this job.


Tell her that I am in France.

It's easy to catch a cold.

Can someone please help me?

They say that traditional Vietnamese feasts are living museums.

Don't underestimate me. I might look cute and innocent but if it comes down to it, I'll bitch-slap you to death.

Is everything all right at the office?

Is there anything you're not telling me?

Close the window before going to bed.

These automobiles, for the most part, are manufactured in Japan.


Brooke took over the family business.

Some people think there's some kind of mystical relationship with people having the same first name.

When I tried to speak to her, I was always too nervous to do more than stammer or say something stupid.

This is a long-standing problem.

Why do you need to do this?

A tear ran down from that eye.

A teacher should never make fun of a student who makes a mistake.

For a fortune, a fortune and a half.

Why shouldn't I be happy?

Human beings often lack insight into their own faults and failings.

The boss bawled me out.

I am sure everything will turn out all right in the end.

The peasants are planting rice.

The resources of the earth are limited.

There's a bait shop in my neighborhood.

We chose her to be our leader.

It happened that we were in London.

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I love your daughter.


Just say what you want to say.

I'd prefer to see it.

Sit down there.

There is a book about dancing on the desk.

Can you put up with the way he behaves?

I think Hitler will have an unpleasant afterlife.

The ship struck northward.


He sprinted to catch up to them.

She picked him up at the station.

That boy talks as if he were a grown up.

I heard a car stop in front of the house.

Martyn had never met anyone like Jeany before.

I feel like I'm coming down with something.

Put on your shoes.

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It smells as though someone has been smoking in here.

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Why isn't anyone helping Del?

We must help each other, it's nature's law.

France should be full.

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Philip wants me.

Does he have his own house in Japan?

He should have been more careful.

The father works.

Sanford said he wasn't coming back.

You have to stay quiet.

Woods burn easily.